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Chakra system

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What is the 114 Chakras Map?

In this guide we look at the 114 chakra map, the number of major and minor chakras and how they interact with the seven key chakras.

12 Chakra System, Chakra Numbers, How Many Chakras Are There?

You've probably heard of chakras, which are our body's energy centers. Chakra is a term that originates from the ancient Indian script language of Sanskrit, and it translates to "wheel" or "circle." 7 major chakras run along the back of the spine. They originate at the sacrum (below the lumbar spine) and stretch to the

Awakening Chakras with Hand Mudras & Mantra Sounds

Every chakra in your body has a chakra sound associated with it, also known as a bija mantra or seed mantra. These chakra sounds are very powerful when it comes to unblocking your seven chakras and awakening your kundalini life force. So, what exactly is the seed mantra? In Hindu tradition, the word bija means "seed".

Chakras & Organs Of The Body | Chakra Glands

Even though all of our seven chakras exist within the subtle, energetic body, their effect on the physical body is substantial. The traditional chakra system is at least 1000 years old, and it originated in India. In ancient times, people did not possess the vast anatomical knowledge we now have. Many old civilization

Chakra System...Signs Of Balance & Imbalanced Chakras  #chakras #balance #love #kudalini #imbalance #signs #identify #body #sevenchakras #loveyourself #yoga  @EkamYogashala

Chakra System...Signs Of Balance & Imbalanced Chakras #chakras #balance #love #kudalini #imbalance #signs #identify #body #sevenchakras #loveyourself #yoga @EkamYogashala

Chakras: Are They Real? History & Origin - the Conscious Vibe

The first known writings about the chakras come from the ancient Vedas texts which are a compilation of Hindu writings from the Indus River Valley

Chakra Healing and Meridian Healing in New York City - Craniosacral Therapy NY

Chakra and meridian healing with Dr. Kaminsky. Chakra clearing and chakra balancing in NYC with Craniosacral Therapy and energy work called Pranic Healing.