Chalk paint vs milk paint

Discover the key differences between chalk paint and milk paint and find out which one is best for your next furniture project. Get expert advice and make an informed decision for your DIY painting needs.
Milk paint is the best paint to use when I want to get the “chippy look” on a piece of painted furniture. It’s also an eco-friendly and affordable option for your painted furniture projects, even if you don’t want a chippy finish. I love it specifically for painting old wood furniture and raw wood surfaces. Milk paint colors also have a depth and character to them that you don’t get from a liquid, pre-mixed paint. Here are 20 great before and after furniture makeovers with milk paint! Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint Furniture, General Finishes Milk Paint Furniture, How To Paint Old Wood Furniture, Before And After Painted Furniture, Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint, Milk Painted Furniture, Painted Old Furniture, Milk Paint Furniture Before And After, Furniture Makeover Before And After

20 Milk Paint Furniture Before and After Makeovers

20 gorgeous milk paint furniture before and after makeovers, to inspire you on your next painted furniture project.

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Milk paint vs chalk paint

How to choose the right paint for your next furniture painting project There are many different types of furniture paint on the market. Chalk paint is probably one of the best known, there are others you might want to consider such as mineral paint or milk paint. We love using mineral paint, for reasons you can read about here. But today we want to explore the differences between milk paint and chalk paint. Once you know the difference, hopefully it will help you choose milk paint vs chalk…

Kathy Bailey~Nelson