Chapped lips

Discover effective remedies to heal and prevent chapped lips. Say goodbye to dry, cracked lips and hello to soft, smooth lips with these simple tips.
A lip mask so you'll never walk around with chapped lips ever again. It'll repair your dry lips as you sleep, so they're smoother in the morning and the results last all day. Instagram, You Feel, How Are You Feeling, Make You Feel, Chapped Lips, Foot Soak, Cracked Lips, Swear, Someday

Promising review: "I have suffered from severely chapped lips for a long time. I have 10+ lip balms that I put through a rotation to try to keep my lips hydrated. I tried this product and loved it immediately. This product is now part of my nighttime routine. I just scoop a tiny amount onto the spatula and spread it on my lips just prior to bed. In the morning, I wake up with soft, hydrated lips that last all day. I will definitely re-order when needed, but that may be a while because a…

Faiz Jabbarullah
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I'm busy writing a magazine article about the best ways to care for skin during winter, and in the meantime, I've given my own skin care routine a nice seasonal boost. One step I've added is more regularly exfoliating my lips before bed and then applying balm, so that my lip color doesn't get caught in chappy patches during the day. And the best tool I've found for doing this isn't a fancy lip scrub (though those are always fun), a washcloth, or the oft-recommended baby toothbrush (misses…