Cheap wall covering

Transform your walls on a budget with these affordable and creative wall covering ideas. Find the perfect solution to add style and personality to your space.
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No nails. No paint. No wallpaper. If you are a renter, you must be familiar with these rules. Yet the desire to make our temporary homes look good motivates us to be creative. Here'

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Sometimes, ugly walls might just wear on your last nerve. You can't stand to see it anymore, but you can't fix it either. Maybe you don't have the money to redo the wall. You might have future plans for the space and just need a short term fix. Or, like many others, maybe you rent...

The Best Drywall Alternatives for Interior Walls - Ecohome Alternatives To Drywall, Cork Wall Panels, Wood Wall Covering, Gypse, Diy Wood Wall, Log Cabin Interior, Rammed Earth Wall, Montana Homes, Acoustic Wall Panels

Drywall is the most common interior finish surface inside homes due to ease and affordability. But there are options! see below for the best natural healthy alternatives to drywall for finishing interior walls. Walls in residential homes are almost exclusively finished using gypsum board (either recycled or…

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