Childhood fears

Help your child overcome their fears and build their confidence. Learn effective strategies and expert advice to support them through their journey of conquering childhood fears.
Austrian Artist Creates Nightmare-Inducing Illustrations And They're Not For The Easily Frightened (30 Pics) Art Sinistre, Creepy Paintings, Images Terrifiantes, Horror Vintage, Nightmares Art, رعب نفسي, Dark Artwork, Scary Art, Creepy Art

If you've been getting a night's sleep that's a little too good lately and are looking for something nightmare-inducing, you've come to the right place. Meet Stefan Koidl—an artist based in Hallein, Austria whose specialty is the unsettling, the creepy, and the weird.

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Fran Krause is a comic writer, illustrator, animator, and educator based in California, who teaches animation at the California Institute of the Arts. Fran needs no introduction to those familiar with the weird and wonderful world of animation, as he worked for various projects on television and a bunch of popular comic series, like James Kochalka’s SuperF*ckers.

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Inside the Nightmare: The Delightfully Twisted Imagery of Joshua Hoffine Joshua Hoffine, Childhood Fears, Horror Photography, Horror Photos, Dreams And Nightmares, Arte Horror, Scary Movies, Horror Art, Art Plastique

Chilling to the bone, Joshua Hoffine's children horror series is one that will keep haunting you even with the lights on. He uses his own daughters as the terrified dreamers in the images, and the results have definitely caught the attention of many people, going viral recently. We get to know the man behind the maniacal machinations and how he captures these childhood fears.

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