Childrens ministry christmas

Make this Christmas special for the kids with creative activities in your children's ministry. Explore fun and engaging ideas to celebrate the holiday season with the little ones.
These Christmas programs come in a variety of lengths and range from very simple to more challenging. All have been performed in our small mission church. Click now to begin to prepare for next Christmas!

Christmas Programs Terms of Use: Except for the first program, which you must order, all of these programs are free. You may copy and change them to fit your personal use. (Copy and paste them into your document. Highlight the document, click control + C, go into your new document, click control … Continue reading →

Wes N Lorie Johnson
Help kids engage in the Christmas Eve service with praise packs - full of tools for participation rather than distraction! Amigurumi Patterns, School Christmas Gifts, Childrens Ministry Christmas, Kids Church Christmas, Christmas Children Ministry, Christmas Sunday School, Christmas Activities, Christmas Program, Christmas Gifts For Kids

Anytime we have an intergenerational service where children attend with their families, I like to hand out Praise Packs – a goody bag with activities that help kids engage and participate in the service. These are great ways to help alleviate stress for parents who are worried about their child making it through the whole […]

Jessica Miller