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Transform your home with elegant China style interior design ideas. Discover top inspirations to create a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere in your living space.
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A rare treasure, desired by many but out of reach of all but the most wealthy aristocrats and merchants. More valuable than gold, Chinese Porcelain; often just called china, decorated some of Europes’s finest palaces. It spurred many imitations, and at the height of its own popularity inspired a new decoration style called Chinoiserie.

Raji Kumar
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I am an accomplished designer who designs home DIY's for myself. Rhino CAD is my software of choice. I design boat & yacht hull parameters and characteristics, superstructures, marine elements of graphical design works, and I am familiar with engineering technical drawings. I have studied manual Drafting & Design and have taught myself Rhino CAD.

John G Evans
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Oriental Casa is Vancouver’s premiere shopping destination for affordable luxury furniture with Chinese influences and modern sensibilities. Our showroom open to Interior Designers, Property Developers, Hospitality, Residential & Commercial Designers, and Home Renovators. 2699 S. Granville Street.

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