Chipotle sandwich

Elevate your lunch game with these mouthwatering chipotle sandwich recipes. From classic combinations to unique twists, find your new favorite lunchtime indulgence.
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Inspired by Panera's sandwich of the same name, this chipotle chicken avocado melt recipe is a delicious and filling sandwich you can make at home. Toasted sourdough bread is layered with zesty chipotle mayo, creamy avocado slices, smoked chicken and vibrant peppadew peppers to create a dairy free panini that's full of bold flavor.

Marcela Cruz
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Comfort food resides within this Honey Chipotle Fried Chicken Sandwich, peeps! Marinated in buttermilk and well-seasoned fried chicken coated in a delicious honey chipotle sauce. Paired with creamy coleslaw, cajun lemon dill aioli, and pickle chips on a toasted brioche bun. The best homemade fried chicken sandwich, ever!

Edward Fortune
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If Panera won't bring back the OG Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, we have no choice to be creative at home right? This recipe is EXACTLY what you are looking for. You will want to bathe in the chipotle mayo as well :)

Kristi England
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Spicy and delicious, this Chipotle Chicken Wrap is a simple and fun dinner (or lunch) that the family is sure to enjoy. The combination of flavors with the marinated chicken, turkey bacon, and chipotle sauce as the main ingredients creates an extremely tasty wrap. The heat level of the chipotle sauce is easy to adjust depending on how much heat you want. We love how easy this is to prepare, while providing another delicious way to eat a healthy meal.

Jordan Springer