Chocolate soup recipe

Satisfy your cravings with these delectable chocolate soup recipes. From creamy classics to unique twists, discover the perfect recipe to treat yourself.
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What to do with all of the bars of chocolate you were gifted this year? Sure, you can chew on them one by one, but what about drinking them with this scrumptiously self-indulgent dessert soup instead? The soup is like hot chocolate that’s so thick and rich that you need a spoon to eat it. It may not cure your cold, but it certainly will warm your heart.

Julene Edmond

January is Soup Month. Several years ago, my friend Louise over at Months of Edible Celebrations (sadly Louise passed away and her website was taken down) sent me a link to Cocoa Soup. The thickening agent is what makes this a soup and not a steaming hot cup of cocoa. So here's a recipe to warm you up today. Icelandic Cocoa Soup, Kakósúpa, although it uses potato or cornstarch, is not all that thick. Nevertheless, it has a different texture and taste from regular drinking cocoa. Give it a…


Who says you can't have soup for dessert? Prepare this elegant dish as a romantic gesture for your love ones. our Chocolate Soup recipe is super tasty and can be mad in just about 35 minutes.

Julie Smith