Christmas challenge

Get into the festive spirit with our Christmas challenge ideas. From holiday crafts to exciting activities, take on the challenge and make this season merrier than ever before.
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25 days of Christmas Photo Challenge One of the best gifts of Christmas are all of the memories made with friends and family. This Christmas photo challenge is a fun way to capture some of those special memories this season. Some of our family members live far away and one of the ways we stay […]

Kim Nguyen
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As the holidays approach sometimes it’s nice to tap into my enjoyment of photography to help me get into the Christmas spirit. Instead of doing a traditional advent calendar I started my own photography themed one. Each day I take a photo of what’s listed and it gives me some valuable photography practice and an […]

Casi Efa Davies

For H's first Christmas, I found one of those daily photo challenges, tweaked it slightly, and took a photo a day of my little fella. This year, I'm doing a daily activity challenge instead (I...

Heidi Muellner
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Christmas Savings Challenge PRINTABLE PDF in 3 Sizes, US Letter, A4, A5, & DIY Cash Envelope - Instant Download. Christmas Savings Tracker, Money Savings Challenge in 30 Days. This is a fun way to save in 30 days with this Printable PDF. Get ready for Christmas with this tracker! - Download once and print off as many copies as you would like. - There are a total of 30 presents and each one represents one day of the month. Choose an amount you would like each present to be worth and save it…

Laura Evans
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Save money for Christmas ahead of time with this Christmas savings challenge printable. This will be the year you save for Christmas! I can't tell you how many times I promised myself I would start money saving for next Christmas early, no it didn't happen, then Christmas came around and money was tight. Begin your Money Saving Christmas countdown and Save for Christmas to start your Christmas planning early by making that shopping list for your loved one's. This Christmas Planner saving…

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