Christmas napkins

Add a touch of holiday cheer to your table setting with these creative and festive Christmas napkin ideas. Discover unique folding techniques and beautiful designs to elevate your dining experience this holiday season.

These cloth Christmas napkins are ideal for elegant Christmas dinner tables. Each napkin measures 11.75x11.75 OR 13.75x13.75 inches. Nutcrackers and stitches were embroidered with machine. These nuctracker serviettes would look great on your christmas dinner table or make a nice shower or hostess gift. And also great decor for your christmas tables. These nutcracker napkins are made of gardenia fabric. Gardenia fabric is preferred for tableware table sets with stain-resistant property…

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Coming to you this week with a little napkin hack! If you have been looking for a sign to learn how to fold your napkins a little differently the year, this is it! I have created all sorts of folds, knots, scrunches and shapes with napkins over the years. Been there, done it all. And that's why I am

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