Chun li street fighter

Learn how to master Chun-Li's lightning-fast kicks and powerful special moves in Street Fighter. Dominate your opponents with her speed and agility to become a true champion.
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Street Fighter: Duel (街霸对决 or ストリートファイター対決, Jiē Bà Duìjué or Sutorīto Faitā Taiketsu?) (or SF: Duel for short) is an JRPG mobile game first released by TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and Capcom in China only for mobile phones on November 26, 2020 for IOS and iPhones in the same region. It was revealed in late 2019, and it was released worldwide on February 28th, 2023. A beta version of the game was available to play until its pre-registration campaign was finished before the final game was released…

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