Cichlid aquarium

Create a stunning cichlid aquarium that showcases the vibrant colors and unique behavior of these fish. Get inspired by top ideas to design a captivating underwater world for your aquatic pets.
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Do you need rocks in your cichlid tank? Cichlids tend to be quite aggressive and territorial fish. Many aquarium stores minimize this aggression and maximize water clarity by keeping large groups of juveniles in bare tanks. This prevents the establishment of territories and diffusing the aggression across a wide range of potential targets. While some hobbyists may choose this ‘bare’ route with certain species for breeding purposes, it makes for a dull tank that will actually contain a lot of…

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Brightly colored fish can be found in freshwater all over the world. That means you shouldn't just leave your freshwater aquarium a dull color. When choosing a fish to keep, it's important to keep ones that we know we can take care of and will fit in our fish tanks.…

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