Colonial decor

Transform your home with elegant colonial decor that adds a touch of timeless beauty. Discover top ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living spaces.

Learn about the main elements of the Colonial home style in this article. The history of the Colonial Home is important to the fabric of America. image sourceWelcome to another installment in the ELEMENTS OF HOME series. Each month I showcase a different residential home style here on…

Christine Smith
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British colonial style decorating was created when British citizens went to live in Africa, India, Asia, and the Caribbean in the late 1800's. They adapted their refined British interior design style to the climate and available materials where they moved. Here are a few ways to add British colonial style to your home. ArchitectureThe architecture of homes in a British colonial style typically has high ceilings to let the heat rise and keep the room a bit cooler. Oversized ceiling fans…

Staci Gibbs