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Enhance your creative projects with a wide range of unique and vibrant color names. Discover top color name ideas to add personality and style to your designs.
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Love pink? Here are 20 of the 33 pinks to help you find the perfect pink for your branding or design project. Click to blog to find tables with pink swatches, color names, hex codes, and RGB values. There it'll be easy to copy and paste the code you need. Perfect for graphic designers and web designers!

Vira Vira
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Colors are a big part of the art world—actually it would not be wrong to say that colors are a big part of our world on the whole. In fact, the world of food and fashion would be bereft if the world of colors did not provide so much liveliness to them. Which is why it is very important to study the way colors can be mixed to get the right shade. In fact, colors are not that complicated but the subtle shades and nuances are something that is required to be mastered if an artist wants to be…

Mindy McMullin
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Pantone: Colours introduces children to the ten basic colours and twenty shades of each. Every spread features a colour heading, a monochromatic image and a variety of gridded shades and tints of the same colour. Younger children will enjoy naming the colours of the high-contrast recognisable objects. Slightly older children will peruse the shades to choose favourites; immersing themselves in the concept that one colour name actually refers to a variety of dark, light and in-between tones…

Valérie Bonnaud