Color Tattoos

Discover a world of vibrant and bold color tattoos. From intricate designs to stunning shades, find inspiration for your next tattoo. Express your personality with a burst of color.
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What’s life without something a bit peculiar, a bit weird, or straight-up surrealistically absurd? You know, some might even say that keeping your thoughts on the irregular is a kind of coping mechanism for the unexplained happening in your life. Like a plant dying the week after you bought it, the curve of success going all topsy-turvy, and your moods reflecting the temperature of global events. One way to keep your mind focused on the naturally supernatural is getting a cool trippy tattoo…

Athul MesZi
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Any tattoo requires lots of patience, skill, and a steady hand, of course. In addition to that, it calls for a beautiful design. And combining it all usually results in some quite impressive works leaving the admirers in awe. Whether it’s their intricacy, the size, the color combination, or everything at once that impresses people the most, there’s no other choice but to applaud the artists behind them.

Meg Wadlington