Colorful bathrooms

Transform your bathroom into a vibrant and stylish space with these colorful ideas. Add a pop of color to your bathroom decor and create a lively and refreshing atmosphere.
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Discover the timeless appeal of mid-century bathroom design as we explore various design elements and principles that embody the era's distinctive style. From geometric patterns to vintage-inspired lighting and minimalist fixtures, learn how to create stunning and functional spaces inspired by the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern elegance that defines mid-century design.

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Do you decorate your bedroom with the seasons? I never used to but lately I have really been enjoying it. You don't have to add too much. Especially in a bedroom or bathroom, I think just a few changes with seasonal color can go a long way. For our bed, I kept the blue and white quilt and added some pops of orange. An orange and white check throw along with a few throw pillows and pumpkins add a bit of seasonal fun. I also added a few throw pillows in warmer oranges and yellows to the window…

Diane Hance