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There are many wonderful tips for storing books. Floating bookshelves are a fantastic option in little spaces. It is possible to use a single shelf to showcase a little choice of books, or creatively arrange a number of shelves for extra storage. You've sorted through all your books. Books ought to be stored upright so you may read the spine correctly. Rare books which are very fragile ought to be stored in custom-made, acid-free book boxes that are sized to every book.

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At first glance, these ten covers seem to have no apparent unifying theme, other than that they are quite lovely and from a relatively short range of time -- late 1971 to Spring of 1973. Take a closer look at them and you will see that in the background, each has an African-American couple as witnes

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This week is a big one. Matt Reeves’ top shelf take on the Dark Knight Detective officially arrives in theaters. THE BATMAN is truly excellent. It is a confident and brilliantly crafted case study in what makes the character, and the world he occupies, great. The film is packed with wonderful performances, nods to icon