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Learn how to cook crab like a pro with our collection of delicious recipes and expert cooking tips. Discover the best techniques and flavors to create mouthwatering crab dishes at home.
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It’s Dungeness crab season in California! I’ve been buying these yummy critters for $2.99 per pound at Sun Fat SeafoodManila Oriental MarketFirst, always select Dungeness that are feisty and active. They should come out of the tank fighting. Never buy crabs that come out of the tank with no fight in them. Sniff them. They should smell clean, like the ocean. If you detect any ammonia odor, do not buy. Cook the crabs the day you buy them, preferably within a few hours of purchase.

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The best way to cook and clean Dungeness crab! Whether freshly caught or purchased from your favorite seafood shop or grocery store, this step-by-step tutorial will be your guide to processing your fresh crab. Do not miss the section on shaking. It will save you so much time!

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