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Mexico’s lush jungle is home to some of the best treasures in the world like the mysterious and alluring underground sinkholes called cenotes. From caves filled with low-hanging stalactites to shallow ponds with crystal clear water, cenotes are unique to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and a must-visit for anyone traveling to Mexico. This year we spent

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No matter if you’re renting or have your own place, it is important to make it feel like home. To do that, sometimes all you need is to bring in some new plants and hang up your favorite pictures or art on the walls. Other times, you need to get a little bit more elaborate to inject your personality into your space. That is where one starts taking up various DIY projects.

Michelle Russell

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Coresa Coloney
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Clothing is one of the best ways to express yourself. Whether it’s iconic cowboy boots, rebellious leather jackets, or funky pairs of socks, these items let your unique personality shine through your style. What you put on each morning can convey a powerful message, and since wardrobe choices are undoubtedly endless, they allow you to blare your precious wisdom out loud. Yet, some people decide to take it one step too far and communicate with the world in the most threatening way.

Josephine Deleon