Covering eyes with hands

Explore a collection of captivating photos capturing people covering their eyes with hands. Discover the emotions and stories behind these intriguing images.
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Stock photo Close up portrait terrified young attractive latin woman looking frightened through her fingers in facial expressions and human emotions concept isolated on black background.. 6.9 MB. ...

Spiritual discernment and sincerity are essential as they MOTIVATE + protect us. Yet many spiritual paths these days totally neglect or ignore them ... #discernment #wisdom #spiritualpath #illumination #oneness #spiritualunderstanding via @LonerWolf Quote Manifestation, Womb Wellness, Manifest Health, Loa Affirmations, Spiritual Discernment, Spiritual Awakening Signs, Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Enlightenment, Spiritual Path

How important are truth, integrity, and authenticity to you – even at the cost of feeling comfortable and being affirmed? When it comes to spirituality and the journey of awakening to our True Nature, most of us have a pretty good idea of the essential principles to keep in mind. Qualities like love, peace, kindness, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and gratitude – you know, those stereotypical feel-good qualities – inevitably spring to mind. But how often do you hear about the…