Crazy House

Step into a world of creativity and imagination at the Crazy House. Discover the most unique and mind-boggling architectural designs that will leave you amazed. Plan your visit and experience the magic today.
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King Alfred's Tower In England, Built In 1772

Many of us strive to be unique and stand out from the crowd. We express ourselves through the clothes we wear, our totally rad hairstyles, and what we talk about. But probably the most significant statement that we can make about our character is by choosing where we live and work. Would we love to work in a giant panda-shaped building? Definitely. Would yours truly like to live in a moody Victorian châtelet in the middle of some mysterious misty mountain woods that you couldn’t find on a…

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Crazy House in Vietnam by Đặng Việt Nga

Crazy House is known as one of the most strange buildings in the world. When you enter Crazy House, you will instantly feel a cool, fresh air as if you were in a forest. Visiting Crazy House is taking a journey in giant tree trunks with the small winding paths. The tree trunks are connected by the tree branches. You won’t know where these branches may lad. They can take you closer to the sky – the top of Crazy House or they can take you to the ocean – a room with 3D painting of sea…

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50 Most Amazing Buildings of the World | Archinomy Fantasy House, Natchez Mississippi, Crazy Houses, Unusual Buildings, Unusual Homes, Interesting Buildings, Sopot, Unique Buildings, Amazing Buildings

50 Most Amazing Buildings of the World - Archinomy

Though it looks like some sort of painting by a drunk painter. But this is a real house located in Rezydent Shopping Center in Sopot, Poland. It is claimed to be the most photographed building in Poland. It is spread to an area of 4,000 square meters. Designed by Architect: Szotynscy Zaleski The Crooked House […]


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