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What does one year of anesthesia school bring? Expectedly, I fell behind on blog posts about two semesters into CRNA school. I'm not sure if it was the selfishness of preferring to sleep or the ominous "no end in sight" feeling. I can still remember sitting in class with my fellow first year SRNAs (student registered nurse anesthetists). We were stressing about every test, every paper, every quiz... freaking out if we, heaven forbid, made below a 92. Those disappointments seems so small now…

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For an easier and less overwhelming read, I'm going to break this down into multiple posts. I'll start off with how to make yourself a competitive applicant for CRNA school and then I'll branch off into the actual application process, how to decide which schools you should apply to, interview preparation, the Academic Common Market, and so on.So you've been debating about applying to CRNA school?Where to start, where to start?! First things first! Get yourself into an ICU!! Once you've…

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CRNA school is extremely competitive. There are many applicants each cycle, and your resume gets seconds before either going in the “no” or “yes” pile. Having a resume that catches the attention of the admissions committee and showcases your skills as an ICU nurse, as well as your academic ability is key.

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