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Transform your dirt bike into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with custom designs that reflect your personal style. Explore top ideas for creating a truly unique and eye-catching dirt bike.
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INSIDE DYLAN FERRANDIS'S STAR RACING YAMAHA YZ250F | Dirt Bike Magazine Motocross, Street Bob, Supermoto, Supercross, Bobbers, Angel, Yamaha, Racing, Cool Bikes

Dirt Bike Magazine hopped on a plane to Mile High Stadium, a location that hasn't seen a Supercross in 23 years. On our trip we met up with mechanic Alex Campbell. Alex is the wrench for the #34 of Dylan Ferrandis who currently sits in 2nd place in the 250SX West Championship with only 1 round to go. Although Dylan's bike didn't have the red plate on it for the shoot, it very well could by the end of the season.

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