Demi baguette

Explore a variety of delicious demi baguette recipes that are perfect for any occasion. From appetizers to sandwiches, discover creative ways to enjoy this classic French bread.
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These sourdough demi baguettes are naturally leavened with a stiff sourdough starter and can be baked the same day. Demi baguettes are a shorter version of the classic French baguette, and therefore easier to bake in conventional home ovens. They have a crisp, crackly crust and a soft and airy crumb.

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I have been working on these mini baguettes for a while now. Personally, I found that they took a lot of practice to get the fermentation and shaping dialled in just right. However, since the first attempts they have tasted great, I just wasn't getting the visual appearance I liked. Now that I've got my system figured out I am able to consistently get results that I am happy with. If baguettes are something that you are interested in trying don't hesitate! One thing to note about baguettes…

Nathaniel Del Rio
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Baguettes! I have a love/hate relationship with them. When I first attempted them, I got baguette pancakes, squiggly baguettes, pale baguettes, and other various mutations of the elusive perfect product from French boulangeries. I've got to say, I'm really excited about these. Browned crackly and crispy crust, holey interior, and an amazing flavor from two to three days of fermentation make these my favorite baguettes so far. Bread nerd alert: One of the secret ingredients in this recipe is…

Tamara Cooper