Diamond weave

Enhance your style with stunning diamond weave patterns. Discover top ideas for incorporating this elegant design into your wardrobe and home decor for a sophisticated and timeless look.
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If you are a weaver who works on a frame loom, you might have come across floor loom weaving patterns that look equally interesting and intimidating. Floor loom weavers have to know how to read weaving patterns, to be able to set up their floor looms properly: thread all the ends in the right sequence through the heddl

Lynn Mayberry
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Sometimes the most elegant textiles are based on a very simple woven structure. This alpaca shawl woven by Jackie Hervey is sumptuous - everyone at our meeting agreed. The photo is unfortunately not nearly as impressive as the shawl! The shawl is woven with two natural colors of alpaca from Henry's Attic and features diamonds with plain weave centers! Jackie found her draft in A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler, draft number 97. The original draft is credited to…

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