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Remembering ENIAC, and the Women Who Programmed It | Digital Trends Online Language Courses, Free Online Courses, Technology Lessons, Science And Technology, Assessment Design, Free Online Marketing, Online Courses With Certificates, Start Program, Computer Engineering

ENIAC was the world's first electronic digital computer, and though it was glossed over in the history books, it was programmed by a team of six women. Remembering their contributions could inspire young women looking to break into the male-dominated tech industry.

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See Things Differently | Nomadic Decorator Collages, Collage Art, Grafik Design, Plakat Design, Illustration, Art Plastique, Art Direction, Installation Art, Paper Art

Here’s a motley little crew of inspiration images. They scrolled across my screen on Pinterest, and each made me stop and look longer than average. Maybe you’ll find surprising new ways of seeing things here too … I’ve written a few business plans the conventional conforming way, but I really wish to write one that … Continue reading "See Things Differently"

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It probably won't be of much interest to you, but I wrote my dissertation on the intersection between digital platforms and physical publishing and the interesting ways people are finding to merge the two. For me it was fascinating, for some of you it's probably exceptionally tedious. But for those of you with a similarly perverse interest in these curiously anachronistic forms of publishing there's an interesting online archive that brings them all together. P-DPA (the Post-Digital…

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The era of the trans-Atlantic slavery is documented in archives in former colonies around the world. Now, just as there’s the most potential to use those documents to fill in large gaps in history, some of those archives are at risk of being lost.