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DAC Deluxe Figure Playset in front of the DAC 15-piece Mini Doll Set. I bought the mini doll set from Disneyland late last year. The mini figures are deboxed, and placed next to their corresponding mini dolls, who are still attached to the backing. Detailed photos of the recently released DAC Deluxe Figure Playset. My store just got them in today (July 11, 2016), and I bought one. They are very well done, are made of solid vinyl, and are accurate miniature versions of the Animators'…

Sharon Kurzfeld
Filmic Light - Snow White Archive: 2015 Disney Animators' Snow White Mini Doll Disney Fan Art, Disney, Disney Tattoos, Dolls, Disney Art, Toy Collection, Disney Animator Doll, Disney Animators Collection, Doll Play

The Disney Animators' Collection Snow White Mini Doll Play Set was seen online this July at the Disney Store. Plastic doll stands 5" tall with glittering costume. Set comes with Fawn, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Bluebird figurines, plus table, stool, gooseberry pie, bowl, and hairbrush. Also includes a carry case with clear window front. Retail $19.95. Item No. 6002040901223P. See the 16" dolls from the 2011/2013 Animators' Collection in an earlier Archive entry. ___ OCTOBER 2015 UPDATE: A Disney…

Kati Brooke