Diy cat wall ideas

Transform your home into a feline paradise with these creative DIY cat wall ideas. Enhance your cat's playtime and exploration with these fun and engaging projects.
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16 Creative DIY Cat Shelves and Cat Wall Ideas

When I first thought about making space for my cat, Max, in my small apartment, the idea of DIY cat shelves seemed perfect. I wanted something simple yet effective in giving him his own area. I researched the best materials and designs that would be safe and fun for him. It was surprising how many options there were, but it helped me get creative with the little space I had. The project turned out to be a fun weekend activity. I started with basic shelves, then added a few wall-mounted steps…

Gabrielle Farris
How to make DIY staircase shelves climbing wall for a cat jungle gym AND a few other cat DIY's. Shelves For Cats Diy, Climbing Cat Wall, Cattery Ideas Cat Room Play Areas, Diy Wall Mounted Cat Scratcher, Wall For Cats Diy Projects, Easy Cat Shelves Diy, Indoor Cat House Ideas, Diy Cat Wall Playground, Cat Gym Wall Diy

How to Make DIY Cat Staircase Shelves for a Kitty Jungle Gym (and other DIY's for cats!)

Interested in creating more fun activities for your indoor cat? Tired of how ugly all the typical cat toys are? Then follow along and see how we built and updated our kitty jungle gym a…

Krista Vidal