Diy disco ball

Learn how to make a dazzling disco ball with this DIY tutorial. Get ready to shine and bring the party to life with your handmade creation.
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There’s a drugstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that has a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. It’s not a completely random occurrence; the space used to be a roller rink, and the giant disco ball stayed when it eventually became a pharmacy. Unfortunately, the pharmacy closed during the pandemic, but if you mention the “disco ball drugstore” to anyone in North Brooklyn, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll know what you’re talking about.

Taryn LaCour
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Remember the days when we had shelves full of customized CDs with music compilations for every occasion, movies, and back-ups of our more-important-than-life files? If you still haven't thrown your collection to trash, now it is time to give these CDs a new life! Since everyone loves good DIY projects, we have made a list of creative ideas on what to do with old CDs.

Fran Degani