DIY ken clothes

Get inspired to create unique and stylish clothes for your Ken doll with these creative DIY ideas. Elevate your doll's fashion game and personalize their wardrobe with your own handmade designs.
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Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns. Happy Parents Day! Because parents do so many things to make life great for their kids, I'm posting a special pattern today that has often been requested... It's a camp shirt (or you could make it just an ordinary shirt without

Ayeh Maroufi
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This is the first of two free patterns I'm posting this week. If you look back at yesterday's post, you'll see that these clothes fit Ken as well as Spin Master Liv Doll Jake (pictured on the pattern). The shirt will also fit some GI Joe dolls, which makes me think it might also fit

karen willbanks
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Here it is everyone... (drumroll)... The pattern you've all been waiting for! This FREE printable doll clothes pattern will fit Mattel's Ken, Spin Master Jake dolls, Ever After High male dolls, and many other male fashion dolls. I've had requests for a male fashion doll coat/dinner jacket and/or tux pattern for years. I've struggled to come

Наталья Урсатий
Sew easy pants for Ken w/free PDF sewing patterns @ #DollClothesPatterns #KenDolls – Free Doll Clothes Patterns Sewing Doll Clothes, Doll Clothes Patterns Free, Dolls Clothes Diy, Doll Clothes Patterns, Sewing Barbie Clothes, Doll Clothes, Clothing Patterns Free, Sewing Dolls, Doll Sewing Patterns

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns. Here we see my handsome-as-ever Texas A&M Ken modeling a pair of elastic-waist pants made of pale denim blue cotton. This is a lightweight cotton fabric, and that makes these pants super easy to sew. I've been negligent to begin converting

Tia Frazier
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Baby it's Cold Outside! We live in snowy, freezing Chicagoland. I know Barbie, Ken and the sisters must all live in California because most of the factory made clothing is made from very little material-it must be HOT wherever they come from. So short of paying huge vintage prices for the few pieces of winter wear available on the internet---Mattel issues winter clothing---seldom if at all, I decided to make some winter clothes to fill in the doll wardrobes for the reality play the Grand…

Robin Roan
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I think we're all familiar with that "darn it" feeling when a favorite pair of pants gets worn out. For today's project, it was my Philadelphia Eagles logo lounge pants. The good news though, the team colored plaid print happens to be small enough to make some Pajama Bottoms for Ken:@) So I sketched a loose fitting pair of pants. The waist can be held up by either elastic or a draw string. The waistband is the most difficult part of the garment, but I have a little tip to help make it…

Lynn Plagman