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Andrzej Woronowski Custom Knives: [TUTORIAL] How to make a simple leather sheath? Knife Making, Leather Craft, Leather Knife Sheath Pattern, Knife Holster, Diy Leather Knife Sheath, Knife Sheath, Knife, Diy Knife, Leather Working

CHAPTER 1 - Designing a leather sheath Designing a leather sheath is in my opinion far way more complicated that designing a kydex sheath. First I always make a concept design. I am using pencil to outline a shape of the knife and then draw shape of the sheath I want to make. Then I am trying to figure out how to make such a shape from a leather. I am wet forming almost all of my sheats and some rules have to be remember during that process: - leather have to be oversized to wrap a handle of…

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Leather Knife Sheath: Hi! Two months ago I started making yet another knife. Unfortunately I was so exited, that I forgot to take any pictures of the process, however I was able to take pictures, while making a sheath for that knife! I was amazed, when realized, how chea…

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Historical Note: I'm not sure who made the knife sheathes. There's no 'Scabbard Company' on the livery rolls in the 16th century. Possibly the Worshipful Company of Girdlers or they were a sub-group of the Leathersellers, who handled most of the miscellaneous leathergoods that made up Elizabethan life. It might even be the Cutlers, who were responsible for all the other bits and bobs associated with knives. Any way you cut it, there were a lot of knives in Elizabethan England. Every knife…

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