Diy porch potty for dogs

Give your furry friend the perfect place to do their business with a DIY porch potty for dogs. Discover step-by-step instructions and practical tips to make your dog's potty training a breeze.
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Shameless i'm in love with my dog plug->; Besides the normal adorableness of simply being a puppy, shes silly, smart, and learning all sorts of new things. But she's not yappy at all! I'm serious...she almost never barks, is good with other dogs, people and even children. No food or toy aggression except when she forgets your hand is not part of her toy collection. Really, Boyfriend Jon and I have a wonderful dog and she has really become part of our family. Probably the most impressive feat…

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Do-It-Yourself Dog Potty / Doggie Litter Box / Pooch Porch Potty / Dog Toilet: For many different reasons it can be useful to have a place for your dog(s) to relieve themselves either inside your house, garage, on a patio or just steps from your door. While there are dog potties available on the market, many are not adequate for larger breeds, nor are they of tough, rugged strength. Building a dog potty is not difficult. The disadvantages to the following model are it's larger size and…

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