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Discover fun and easy DIY vinyl projects that will bring your love for music to life. From personalized record collections to custom wall art, get inspired to create your own unique vinyl creations.
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Last Valentine's day I was still in a newborn fog, unsure what day it was. I certainly wasn't making any Valentine's. And while this year, I'm still figuring out all this mom stuff, I got my you-know-what together enough to make little Valentine's for Judes friends! (Let's be real, he's one, he doesn't have friends, its just my friends kids haha.) Anywho, if you didn't know, Jude is named after the Beatles song "Hey Jude". His dad is a huge Beatles fan and I'm a fan of somewhat unique names…

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Free Printable Record/Vinyl Valentines Happy almost love day!! Guys, I'm so, so excited about these free printable valentines!! To be honest, I wasn't evening planning on making printable Valentines this year cause I just didn't have any ideas. But, when I came up with these I knew they were going to be too cute, and

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How to Make a Custom Vinyl Record Clock: Tired of your analog being analogous to every other clock on the market? Sick of those stacks of records you just have lying around the house? Well worry no more! With the same amount of time and money as seeing a movie on Saturday…

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