Dog cafe

Indulge in a delightful experience at a dog cafe where you can enjoy delicious food and spend quality time with adorable furry friends. Discover the top dog cafes near you and make unforgettable memories with your beloved pets.
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Complete with private rooms, comfy beds, a swimming pool, and a 24/7 live feed, the AtFrits Pet Hotel and Daycare Centre in Cape Town, South Africa is unlike any pet boarding facility in the world. Gone are the days of chain-link kennels and sad dogs pining for their owners. This all-animal hotel has 56 dog rooms and 32 cat rooms. It’s thought to be the largest pet facility in the world, and pet people are lining up for a chance ... Read more

Neeve Andrews
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Last week I did a Franschhoek meander and decided to visit Big Dog Café which you’ll find on the main road just before you reach the town (coming from Cape Town). Big Dog Café was established as a showcase for Terbodore Coffee which originates from the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Their new Franschhoek base includes a roastery and shop where once can …

Disha Dechamma