Dramatic lighting art

Elevate your space with dramatic lighting art that adds a touch of glamour and intrigue. Discover top ideas to transform your room into a captivating masterpiece.
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Lighting schemes should always have a purpose, whether it's to flatter a client, show the details in a product, or create a mood. In this fantasy portrait, my purpose was both to flatter the model and to create a sense of place. Let's talk about how it was done. For quite a while, I felt inspired by the idea of a moon goddess. She would be luminous, and the moon would shine

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All truly affecting art walks a tightrope, and it’s never clear what will make either artist or viewer lose balance. Plenty of artists conjure with images from the history of art, but none has been so ambitious in their attempt to marry the immediate, over-brimming present with the haunted past. And the fact remains that no other living Australian artist has produced as many images so full of tenderness, silence and longing.—Sebastian Smee

Roselle Rojas