Drawer repair

Discover simple and effective solutions to repair your drawers and restore their functionality. Get your drawers back on track with these helpful tips and tricks.
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The Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Discussion

In many ways, you can have a much better kitchen if you have more drawers. Drawers allow you to make use of nearly all of the vertical space in a cabinet. There is a strange give-and-take that exists with drawers. The taller the drawers, the taller the items that can be stored in them, but

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Furniture Repair: Replacing a Drawer Bottom • Roots & Wings Furniture LLC Refinishing Furniture Ideas, Drawer Repair, Old Dresser Drawers, Restore Wood, Cheap Living Room Furniture, Wood Repair, Furniture Fix, Roots And Wings, Furniture Painting Techniques

Furniture Repair: Replacing a Drawer Bottom • Roots & Wings Furniture LLC

You know the piece. The one that you find in an antique store. It looks amazing... on the outside. You go to pull a drawer only to find that it doesn't budge. Hmm... you wiggle a bit, finally get one of the drawers to come out and find that the bottom of the drawer is duct taped in place. So it needs a little more work than you had hoped, but you buy it anyway, because you can see it's going to be worth it. That's the story with this piece, so I thought it was a good opportunity to continue…

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How to Build Your Own Drawer Slides

I'm sure this happens to you too. You somehow come across a great dresser (find it at the thrift store, curb, attic, etc.). Its solid wood and has great lines. Then you try to pull out one of the drawers. Maybe the problem isn't coming out, its trying to put them back in. Either way, you've got some messed up drawer slides. Never fear! I inherited a great, Broyhill dresser from my brother when they were moving a few weeks ago. Actually, it came out of my sweet niece Morgan's room. My brother…

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