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Discover effective strategies and techniques for early years teaching that will engage and inspire young learners. Enhance your teaching skills and create a positive learning environment for children in their formative years.
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I had the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Nathalie Sinclair (@geometry4yl) speak at the recent ETFO Kindergarten Conference in Toronto on April 14, 2018. Her engaging presentation involved discussing how educators can create opportunities for children to explore geometry in integrated and playful ways. As many of you know early years mathematics is an absolute passion of mine. Exploring what role math has in an emergent program, and what attuned educators can do to introduce and support…

Dani Rucavado
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In my play based classroom there are 10 essential learning areas. I cannot do without them. The provocations and resources offered in these areas change throughout the year dependent on children's interests and the curriculum intent. The placement of these 10 areas within the classroom is thoughtf

Heather Martin