Easter egg dye

Get ready for a fun and colorful Easter celebration with these creative Easter egg dyeing ideas. Discover unique techniques and vibrant colors to make your eggs stand out and create lasting memories.
Bunny Easter Egg DIY

One of my favorite parts of any holiday is getting to do fun crafts and projects. Especially when I can involve my toddler. That's why I love this sweet and super simple DIY for decorating Easter eggs. Directions below, and feel free to put your own creative stamp and create your own characters for these.

Carolina Gonzalez
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Just like Easter baskets, dyeing Easter eggs is a childhood Easter tradition for many, but did you know you could easily dye eggs with just food dye and vinegar from the grocery store!? Today, I’ll walk you through the steps and exact formula for how to dye Easter eggs with food coloring to create over …

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