Edwardian chemise

Step back in time with these elegant Edwardian chemise designs. Discover the perfect vintage-inspired chemise to add a touch of old-world charm to your wardrobe.
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When we want to learn about historic clothing, we immediately think of wide dresses of the rococo period, or the round crinoline dresses from the 1840’s. But what was underneath all those layers. Bra’s are a relatively new invention, and most people immediately go to corsets when they talk about historic undergarments. But almost no one […]

Cam Wehring
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Wow, with the anniversary of the Titanic it seems like everyone is making a 1912 costume. All the posting and chattering on face book is what to wear under those beautiful 1912 ensembles, be it day dresses or evening wear. So I’ll throw my hat into the ring with some thoughts and pictures. And maybe muddy the waters a little more. The chattering I'm hearing about corsets - everyone pretty much agrees it is the long underbust corset. Not that ladies still didn't wear that favorite corset from…

Katie Sickmeier
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Authentic antique 1910s Edwardian white cotton chemise slip dress with an adjustable tie bust closure at neckline in order to tighten / gathered the neckline. Crochet net inset at neckline and center bust. Slightly flared silhouette with side tuck pleats for ease of movement. Ruffled hem with two i