Egg masala

Discover mouthwatering egg masala recipes that will add a burst of flavor to your meals. Try these delectable dishes and take your taste buds on a flavorful journey.
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Masala Egg Curry Recipe

A mouth-watering, spicy, and flavorsome Masala Egg Curry recipe that will perfectly spice up your lunch. Ingredients:For Marinate:Boiled eggs 5Salt ¼ tspRed chili ¼ tspTurmeric ¼ tspFor Gravy:Cooking oil 2 tbspCumin ½ tspDry red chili 2 pcsOnion 1 cup, choppedGinger paste 1 tspGarlic paste 1 tspRed chili 1 tspCoriander 1 tspDry fenugreek ½ tspTurmeric ½ tspTomatoes 1 cup, choppedSalt 1 tspGreen chili 2-3 pcsWater 1 cupGaram masala ½ tspRoasted cumin ½ tspHere is the full step by step…

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Egg Masala Curry

Neha🌻Anshu on Instagram: "Egg Tikka Masala Recipe😍😍 Save it to try later❤️ #foodiesfood_court #egglababdar #paneerrecipes #explorepage #recipeoftheday #easyrecipes #streetfood #indianrecipes #weekend #reels #egg #eggtikkamasala #eggcurry #eggmasala #eggrecipes"

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Dhaba Style Egg Masala Curry - Travelandmunchies

Egg Masala is a delicious dish made with an onion and tomato based gravy and seasoned with several traditionally Indian spices including gram masala, Kasuri Methi (dried fenugreek leaves) and turmeric. Egg Masala is flavourful, tasty, and preparation is simple so long as you mis en place! This aromatic dish goes perfectly with rice, naan or roti and is vegetarian friendly. 'Dhaba Style' just means street style, and this recipe was adapted. from a Dhaba Style Egg Masala Curry recipe by Spice…