Egypt jewelry

Discover the allure of Egyptian jewelry and enhance your style with these exquisite designs. Explore the rich history and intricate craftsmanship of Egypt's jewelry tradition.
Pendant details:
Nickel free hypoallergenic
22 carat gold plated& white gold plated
We send your Isis goddess necklace in a special gift pack
Gender: Unisex adult
Pendant weight: 13-14 gram
Pendant height: 2.18 inches (5.54cm)
Pendant diameter: 1.18 inches (4.70cm)
Pendant thickness: 0.080 inches (2mm)

Chain type:
Doc chain:
18 inches (45cm): 6,80gr
20 inches (50cm): 7 gr
24 inches (60cm): 8,60 gr Piercing, Bijoux, Ancient Jewelry, Egypt Jewelry, Egyptian Inspired Jewelry, Egyptian Accessories, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Ancient Egypt Jewelry, Ancient Jewels

Egyptian Isis is goddess of healing and magic. Isis goddess is very important in Egyptian religious beliefs. Your gold plated goddess Aset medallion will looks very attractive and eye catching on your neck. You will carry egypt mythology on your neck and you will be reflection of ancient times. Special gift for yourself and for your beloved ones.

Horus 𓂀
Egyptian Revival GIA Jade Bracelet | See more rare vintage More Bracelets at Vintage, Bracelets, Bijoux, Ancient Jewelry, Egyptian Jewelry Modern, Egyptian Inspired Jewelry, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Ancient Egypt Jewelry, Egypt Jewelry

About We are thrilled to offer this Egyptian Revival Jade Eternity Bracelet, from our Beverly Hills Estate Collection. Jade is one of the most treasured Gemstones of ancient Egypt & ancient China, as well as the rarest of all Gemstones, considered the world’s most expensive Gemstone in the finest Imperial Green shade. The British became fascinated with Egyptian styling after the 1798 battle of the Nile. The British & Germans were the most prominent consumers of Egyptian Revival jewelry…

Natashja B