Electric motorcycle

Discover the benefits of electric motorcycles and how they are revolutionizing the way we commute. Find the perfect electric motorcycle for your eco-friendly and thrilling rides.
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Electric motorcycles still seem like a brave new world in some quarters, but the technology is maturing fast and the novelty is wearing off. Shanghai-based Kiwi expat Matthew Waddick has been building street-legal electric customs for years now, and knows this well. “Electric bikes are not new anymore,” he says. “You can’t wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that.” So Matthew’s ramped up his operations, set up a production company called Switch, and just released…

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Electric Honda CB200 conversion from Omega Motors

The growth of the electric vehicle market has sparked a new trend in the car world. Older vehicles like Land Rovers and VW Beetles are having their busted motors ripped out, and replaced by electric drivetrains. Since a car's motor is hidden the conversion doesn't ruin its looks—but on a motorcycle, everything's on full display. If you're going to convert an old bike to electric, and you don't want it to look scrappy, you need a more considered approach. This cute Honda CB200 from Omega…

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There’s a marvelous history of smaller motorcycle manufacturers in France, and the tradition shows no sign of abating. Mash Motors is probably the best known outside La République, but the most interesting company right now is DAB Motors. DAB is based in the beautiful city of Bayonne, in the Basque region of southwest France. We’ve already showcased their sharp-looking LM-S scrambler, but this new electric concept is the most significant step forward yet for founder Simon Dabadie and his…

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