Elk antler decor ideas

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with these rustic elk antler decor ideas. Discover creative ways to incorporate antlers into your home decor for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
Antler with lanterns hanging from it! There are so many things you could hang from an elk antler attached to a wall. Great idea! More Antler Ideas, Lanterns Hanging, Boho Yarn, Elk Antler, Hunting Decor, Elk Antlers, Cheap Flowers, Diy Casa, Interior Plants

Although I'm not a hunter, I'm totally loving antlers in home decor! Once upon a time, I told my hunter-hubby, 'I will never have antlers in my home.' Well...I may be changing my tune. Antlers have made a very modern comeback and here are the 18 ideas I'm loving most! 1. Antler jewelry holder, painted white 2. Stocking holders 3. Towel rack 4. On pallets in your entryway or living space 5. Shabby chic 6. Coffee table centerpiece 7. Lantern holder 8. Mug holder 9. Above an armoire 10. Faux…

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