Learn how to effectively use emphasis in your designs to create visual impact. Explore techniques and examples that will help your designs grab attention and communicate your message clearly.
This photo shows emphasis through contrast. While the background is monotone black and white, the vibrant red of the rose shows the artists emphasis on it. Nature, Principles Of Photography, Rhythm In Design, Emphasis In Art, Principles Of Art Unity, Principles Of Art Balance, Visual Elements Of Art, Principals Of Design, Movement Drawing

Elements & Principles of Photography

LEADING LINES Leading lines in a photograph lead your eyes to a place in the photo. This picture is leading lines because the road in the photograph is leading your eyes further into the country side. I chose this photo, because I love going on adventures and looking at the countryside, and to me this photo makes it seem like someone is going on an adventure. VERTICAL LINES Vertical lines in a picture can make a sense of growth in a photo, as they're leading your eyes vertically out of the…

Carrie Childers