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Himba girl dancing, Angola, by Eric Lafforgue Eric Lafforgue, Himba Girl, Himba People, Tribeswoman, African Tribes, African Braids, African Hairstyles, West Africa, Angola Africa

It was difficult to take this picture: because of the light, the flash, the fact that i was lying on the ground, etc, but the main one was that the girls stopped to dance everytime i tried to take the picture.I asked my guide why and i understood at the end of the dance: they do not wear any underwear! Himba tribe is famous is Namibia, but they also live in south Angola, crossing the borders without any visas (lucky people!). In Angola, most of them live in remote areas, far from the towns…

Tuk Tuk Tales
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Bana people also spelled Banna or Benna are an indigenous tribe of 50 000 people, of the lower Omo Valley. Their neighbors are the Hamer tribe. They are really similar to them and are for that reason often called: Hammer-Bena. The Banna People are a friendly people and they look fantastic, especially the women with their many decorations but also the proud men with a clay or braided hair style as they get when they honour a slain enemy or wild animal. They live mostly on agriculture in…

Duane Torrence
Masuli, Suri Teenage Girl, Kibish, Omo valley, Ethiopia Eric Lafforgue, Black Is Beautiful, Beautiful World, Beautiful People, Beautiful Celebrities, Simply Beautiful, Lovely, African People, African Women

I asked her what was her dream, she replied: "In the future I want to have a car because when there is an emergency, we just go by feet., or you have to wait a long time and they need ask for a payment.When i have a car i can go free" Surma or Suri (as they call themselves) are sedentary pastoral people living in south west of Ethiopia, on the western bank of the Omo river. These breeders tribal groups have a cattle-centred culture. They breed their cattle, mostly cows, on their traditional…

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Blue eyed boy, Masirah island, Oman by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr Tribes Of The World, We Are The World, People Around The World, Population Du Monde, Project Smile, Eric Lafforgue, Muslim Kids, World Cultures, North Africa

Masirah island kid, Oman. Masirah (مصيرة‎) is an island of the East coast of Oman, 95 km long north-south, between 12 and 14 km wide, with an area of about 649 km², and a population estimated at 12,000 in 12 villages mainly in the north of the island Administratively, it forms one of the eleven provinces of the Ash Sharqiyah Region. The principal village is Dawwāh in the northern part of the island. It contains an Omani air base and a fish factory, as well as a few small towns. Most of the…


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