Facebook contest ideas

Boost your brand's visibility and engage your audience with these creative Facebook contest ideas. Drive user participation and increase your social media reach with exciting giveaways and interactive challenges.
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Facebook contests can help you generate qualified leads, and if done right can be a source of business for your sales funnel. They’re also a great way to create a buzz about your products and services and encourage people to become more invested in your brand. As with all marketing, relevance and emotion play crucial roles to your success. It’s all about qualified subscribers rather than empty leads: you’ll have to weed out everyone else and appeal only to your ideal prospect. To do that…

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It's easy to rush into launching a Facebook competition on your page but for the best results you should spend some time planning your contest. One key question you need to ask is what sort of contest you want to run. In this post we will look at 20 Facebook Competition ideas that should help get your creative juices flowing. Before you start: Set a goal - I know you are probably tired of hearing this from marketers but the best starting point for any campaign is to set a goal. What is the…

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