Fantasy figures

Explore a world of enchantment with our collection of fantasy figures. Let your imagination run wild and bring these magical creatures to life in your own unique way.
Dreamlike Landscapes Grow from Sculptural Portraits by Yuanxing Liang | Colossal Statue, Sculptures, Artists, Portraits, People, Portrait, Design, Chinese Artists, Statues

Wondrously detailed worlds emerge from busts of youthful women in clay sculptures by Chinese artist Yuanxing Liang. Ambling trees, bridges, and temples emerge from the figures’ hairline, fusing realism and fantasy in smooth resin. Despite their complex design, Liang occasionally creates small editions of his sculptures. The artist is a gradute of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. You can see more of his intricately wrought fantasy worlds on Weibo. More

Henry Frechette