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Explore a collection of captivating art and designs featuring the enigmatic and terrifying female Xenomorph. Get inspired and immerse yourself in the world of this iconic sci-fi creature.
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The "Goddess" as referred to by Gabriel Cruz, also called the "one (or "woman") in the dark", was a biomechanical female entity that appeared in Cruz, and several others' nightmares whilst subdued by a Facehugger. An enigmatic figure, the one in the dark was a biomechanical creature with vaguely feminine traits; she possessed a slender frame with elongated Xeno-like fingers. She also possessed curved goat-like horns that curled around something that appeared to be a biomechanical crown. She…

Your Mom
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In Prometheus, we saw that those of the crew who were infected directly by the Black Goo (all male) exhibited symptoms of a drastic change within them and their own DNA. Deleted scenes showed Fifield (who lasted the longest) inherit many traits of...

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