Fermented potatoes

Discover a variety of mouthwatering fermented potato recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. Elevate your culinary skills with these unique and flavorful dishes.
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Fermented Potato Chips – Kitchen Alchemy

Tired of homemade potato chips that get overly brown and taste burnt before they get crispy? This recipe uses amylase and good old fashioned fermentation to get rid of any excess starch and sugar in the potatoes so they are crispy, light, and delicious. Dusted with our malt vinegar powder they make the perfect homemade salt and vinegar chip just in time for summer!

Carol Bradstreet
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3 Zippy & Tangy Lacto-Fermented Mustard Recipes

Tangy and packed full of flavor, this homemade mustard recipe blends the flavors of beer, thyme and onion with whole-grain mustard for a flavorful zip and zing to any sandwich, burger or recipe. (Makes about 2 cups)

Shannon Arcilla